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Aluminum Tube

Aluminum tubes are made from aluminum alloy coils through multiple processes and are commonly used in fields such as aerospace, machine manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and architectural decoration. Compared with traditional steel tubes, aluminum alloy tubes have advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy processing.


Aluminum tubes are a type of non-ferrous metal structural material with strong applicability, which can be applied in various occasions and is an important industrial material. Its advantage lies in its plasticity.


Good corrosion resistance: The surface of aluminum tubes can form a thin film after oxidation treatment, making it have good corrosion resistance and less susceptible to corrosion.


Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum tubes have good thermal conductivity and can quickly transfer heat, making them an ideal heat dissipation material.


Lightweight and Portable: Compared to traditional tubeline materials, aluminum tubelines have a lighter weight, making them easy to handle and install.


Easy to process: Aluminum tubes are easy to process into different shapes and sizes, which can meet different usage needs.

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