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Large Diameter Aluminum Tube

The specification for large diameter aluminum pipes refers to aluminum pipes with a larger true diameter and thicker thickness, usually forged aluminum alloy pipes.


Large diameter aluminum tubes have a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, construction engineering, electronic communication, and other fields.


Aerospace field: used for manufacturing aircraft fuselage, engine parts, missile guidance systems, etc


Military industry: used to manufacture military equipment such as rocket engine casings, tank barrels, and warships.


Ship field: used for manufacturing ship structures, ship equipment pipelines, etc


Automotive field: used for manufacturing automotive chassis, braking systems, exhaust systems, etc


Mechanical equipment field: used for manufacturing structural components, conveying pipelines, etc. of heavy-duty mechanical equipment.


By using large-diameter seamless aluminum pipes, the strength, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance of the product can be improved, meeting the material requirements of various fields.

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