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Forged Aluminum

Forged aluminum alloy belongs to a type of deformed aluminum alloy, including aluminum magnesium silicon copper series deformed aluminum alloy and aluminum magnesium silicon series deformed aluminum alloy, mainly used for complex shaped forgings. Magnesium and silicon can form a strengthening phase Mg2Si; Copper can improve the hot working performance and form a strengthening phase Cu4Mg5Si4Al; Manganese can prevent overheating during heating. Forged aluminum alloys are mostly used in quenched and artificially aged conditions. Artificial aging should be carried out immediately after quenching, otherwise the strengthening effect will be reduced. Forged aluminum alloy has low high-temperature strength and good thermoplastic properties. It can be forged and processed into complex shaped forgings and die forgings, as well as rolled into plates or other profiles. Mainly used on aircraft structural components.

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Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on aluminum alloys. It is one of the companies in the market that has independent R&D and production capabilities and a relatively complete range of supplies.

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