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Service Process Technology
We've earned our reputation for quality materials, fair prices, and trustworthy, honest service. 

● Pre-sales stage

Provide users with professional knowledge and guide consumption

● Sale stage

Ensure product adaptability and try our best to create value for customers

● After-sales stage

Strengthen tracking and continuous improvement to relieve consumers’ worries

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Our commitment to quality guarantees product 

excellence and total customer satisfaction. 

The company's project management working mechanism enables personnel in various functions to quickly receive first-hand information on customer needs. Combined with efficient and collaborative teamwork, the company can quickly, flexibly and accurately respond to market demands and provide innovative and customized supply chain management. solutions, optimized cost solutions and efficient services.
After more than ten years of intensive development, the company is equipped with a professional, solid and experienced R&D and production team, with professional customized design and product manufacturing capabilities, which can meet customer needs in all aspects.
With more than ten years of experience in alloy R&D and production, we have accumulated rich preparation processes and quality control methods.
With complete production and testing equipment, and continuous technological innovation, process changes and process optimization, we can ensure product quality while meeting the delivery of customer emergency orders.
We have built a complete inspection and testing capability that can complete chemical composition testing, mechanical performance testing under various temperature conditions, fatigue performance testing, non-destructive testing, and strictly controlled testing processes to ensure data authenticity and material traceability.
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Production Process

Our commitment to quality guarantees product excellence and total customer satisfaction. Strict physical, chemical and mechanical property control and testing standards are implemented at every stage of production.

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Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on aluminum alloys. Our commitment to quality guarantees product excellence and total customer satisfaction. 

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